You are one of the few survivors of the swarm's invasion. In this top-down, dark shooter, explore a semi-procedural map to find better weapons and gadgets that will help you survive increasingly powerful waves of monsters and ultimately escape this doomed part of the country-side. Will you manage to tear the boss apart and reach the exit?

Use your trusty torchlight to navigate the darkness and slow the assaults of the light-sensitive enemies. Each kill will give you experience that will help you level-up and choose new upgrades for your weapons and your character. Unlock new rewards and new gameplay mechanics by completing specific achievements that will make each run different.

Key features

  • A complete list of achievements to unlock that will help you progress and become more powerful. Each run will reward you with some progression.
  • 6 weapons, very different from one another.
  • Dozens of different perks to unlock for your character and your weapons. Some of them with multiple levels of power.
  • Multiple abilities that will change the course of a fight.

About the team

Swarm Survivor is made by a very small team working in their spare time. We have a lot of ideas for more content and we hope that we will have the opportunity to deliver it thanks to the revenues that the game will generate.